Idle Skilling Secrets Guide: How to Get Them All (2024)

Idle Skilling is a game that in the main description of it it is stated that you can play it for 5-10 minutes per day. But there is much more to it. It even has secrets to unlock!

Stay tuned to find out which are those secrets and how to get them all.

The secrets are sort of things that you are able to get while doing various activities in the game. They need to be unlocked and are pretty hard to get.

In this article, we will be talking about how to get all of the secrets in Idle Skilling. Let’s get started.

How to Get All the Secrets in Idle Skilling

There are four secrets in the game that you can find by doing different things. Once you’ve unlocked the secret areas, you can go there as often as you want from the Portal screen.

Most of the time, each secret area has a chain of three quests that require resources from different levels of Mining and Fishing.

When you finish these quests, you get permanent benefits. Secrets are important to the game’s progression and shouldn’t be seen as optional.

These are all the Secrets and this is how to get them all.

Defiled Pig’s Head Secret

Idle Skilling Secrets Guide: How to Get Them All (1)

When you reach level 20 in Smithing, you can learn how to make Blacksmith’s Pills. You only need one, but you need Fishing level 36 to get the materials you need.

Once you’ve made the pill, take it to the Blacksmith and you’ll enter his fever dream about a pig head that’s been defiled and stuck to a stake.

Surprisingly, the pig even has last wishes after it dies, and it’s up to you to carry them out.

  • Get 99 pieces of Effluvium Ore. Needs mining level 30.
  • Get 3,000 pieces of Dubloonium Ore. Requires level 50 mining.
  • Gather ten Dollar Fish. Needs fishing level 60.

You will need to fulfill all of the dead Pigs’ wishes and you will unlock this quest. When you get this secret you will get a total of 40%+ AP on every Ascension.

Death’s Son Secret

Idle Skilling Secrets Guide: How to Get Them All (2)

You can’t attack when you’re not doing anything, so you only have about 10 seconds to beat Death with your active skills.

After you kill Death, you go to his throne room and meet his son, who was left without a family. When you try to comfort a child by clicking on it, you will be asked to do the following:

  • Get 25 Yellow Medium Fish. It needs fishing level 12.
  • Get ten Blue Sharks. Needs fishing level 24.
  • Get a total of 5 Hammerhead Shark. Needs fishing level 56.

After completing all of the tasks and missions for the orphan you will get a blessing of it which is basically the secret. This secret gives you +30% more kills for defeat monsters.

Fisherman’s Folly Secret

You can’t figure out this secret until you get to the Blacksmith’s fever dream. On the Fishing Docks, you can see a fisherman moving his legs to a tune you can’t hear.

It turns out that he used to own a Gramophone, but it broke and the pieces were lost during the game.

One piece can be found floating in the Fishing Docks, which you will be able to see on the right side of the screen between the number of fish caught and your crafting level.

In the Strength Mountain training area, another piece is found by chance. Increasing the speed of your skiller makes it more likely that the part will appear.

The last piece is on the ground in the second secret area, in the Blacksmith’s fevered dream.

Once you have all of the pieces, go back to the Fishing Docks to put the Gramophone back together.

Clicking on it now plays music that will attract a pretty big “fish,” but it won’t show up until you’ve caught a Dollar Fish and clicked on it which requires level 60 Fishing.

When you click the button, the screen shakes and a big “fish” jumps out of the water and eats you.

When the screen goes black, you’ll see that the big fish has eaten the fisherman and hurt him in the process.

Now, it’s up to you to find ways to help the man get better: Fisherman Who Got Hurt

  • Collect 1,000,000 Effluvium Ore. Needs mining level 30.
  • Get 9 million copper ores. Needs mining level 1.
  • Get a million old boots. Needs fishing level 1.

The old man dies at the end anyhow but he gives you a blessing. This blessing is the secret you’re looking for. This secret gives you +90% more XP when fishing.

Civilization Secret

Idle Skilling Secrets Guide: How to Get Them All (4)

You can’t finish this secret until you’ve done the Blacksmith’s fever dream, the Death’s son secret, and the Fisherman’s Folly secret.

You should finish it as soon as possible because its bonus goes up slowly over time.

After you figure out this secret, the Portal will show you the fourth secret screen, which shows a growing civilization.

The growth of the civilization depends on the “total playing time,” which includes the length of the current Ascension when it is unlocked and all additional playing time after that.

If you go up after finding this secret, it won’t make the “total playing time” start over. Using time candy doesn’t add to the total amount of time you have to play. This is how it works:

  • 0-29 days > Type of Civilization 1 > +50 % DPS Bonus
  • 30-84 days > Type of Civilization 2 > +100 % DPS Bonus
  • 85 and more days > Type of Civilization 3 > +150 % DPS Bonus

Vamp Secret

Idle Skilling Secrets Guide: How to Get Them All (5)

A small being that looks like a person can be found to the right of Gorshank in the asylum. When you click on him, you will be asked to show him some resources.

  • Get 1500 traces of tilling.
  • Get 150 million fyrelings (the 13th botany plant). Requires level 36 botany.
  • Get 1 billion billion billion billion warpium (the 17th mining ore). The Warped Smithing Rebirth perk and Mining level 42 are needed.
  • Get 7 cards with an orange star.
  • Gather 3.5 million botany traces.

When you show these things to the creature, it will give you a key. This makes the vamp skill available on the bar for special skills.

Strafe Secret

Idle Skilling Secrets Guide: How to Get Them All (6)

On the special skill bar, the Strafe skill is locked and needs a key. While Every second that Strafe is active, it cuts the cooldown time of other skills by 1 second.

Strafe lasts for 10 seconds and has a cooldown of 8 seconds.

On the portal screen, you can talk to Mini Lava to find the key. Try again, because he has a lot to say.

Make sure to leave the portal and come back. This won’t actually work if you keep trying at one visit. Lava’s usual text is green.

If you talk to him and see a big red text appear, you should get the key only the next time you talk to him.

Caged Slime Secret

Idle Skilling Secrets Guide: How to Get Them All (7)

When you try to add a Spelunker in the tunnels, there is a golden slime in a cage.

  • Gather the first 6 trillion items from Father Of All (Crusade 15).
  • Get 3,000,000 bars of Maybe soap
  • Get one Normal Rook
  • Get one green Banana Vines card
  • Gather 1 trillion green Saharan Foal units.

After you show the animal these things, they will be in your pet’s inventory. You can now get your 56th pet.

Hoop Challenge Secret

Idle Skilling Secrets Guide: How to Get Them All (8)

By doing certain things with this ball, you can unlock the minigame Hoop Challenge, which lets you win gems every day.

  • Move the ball to the button that says Gift Shop. The ball will then be on the screen that says Gift Shop.
  • Move the ball to the button that says Exit. Then you can see it on the menu for training.
  • Move the ball to the Portal Button. Then it will show up on the Portal Screen.
  • Move it to the figure under it that says Lava.

Now, you’ll be taken to a screen where Lava is on a moving platform with a ball and a basket to throw it in.

You get 3 chances a day to get as many points as you can, and then you get free Gems based on how many points you got in all.

You can still throw the ball to practice after the 3 tries, but you won’t get any Gems.

If you want to go back to the screen, you click on a new button that says Hoops in a corner instead of the Secrets portal.

If you throw the ball when the lava is at its highest point, it won’t go as far as it could. Instead, throw it a little after that, when the lava is going faster.


Those are all the secrets that are hidden in Idle Skilling.

They are certainly very hard to obtain and if you didn’t know about them you would probably be wasting a lot of time trying to understand them.

These secrets don’t have a lot of description about them in-game so make sure to follow all the tips and tricks mentioned here to the point.

I recommend doing these secrets because they will be very valuable for your characters and give you tons of buffs that will change your game.

I hope that this guide has helped you in achieving all of these secrets. Good luck!

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Idle Skilling Secrets Guide: How to Get Them All (2024)


How do you unlock all portals in idle skilling? ›

The Portal is permanently unlocked after Keymaster Y is defeated in the Grasslands. This hub provides immediate access to Ascension, Raids, Asylum, Purgatory, Dairy Aisle and Mastery, but access to Secrets will become available after they are unlocked.

How to unlock Lord's Lair idle skilling? ›

The Lord's Lair is accessed through the Portal and is unlocked after getting an ice cream and reaching Maelstrom.

How to get fisherman's folly? ›

This item can be purchased in The Azure Span .

What is the best dimension in idle slayer? ›

The absolute best place to grind, generally, will be Hot Desert. But immediately after your UA, don't leave the Hills right away. Stay as long as you can, taking advantage of the Hills' Giant for SP gain.

How do you unlock the ancient portal? ›

The Ancient Portal is an object found in the Magic Area. It can be unlocked by passing level 2-5 after Task Board (Bounty) is unlocked.

What is the max level in idle skilling train? ›

Training Perks persist through Ascension and Rebirth but spent points are reset. They can also be reset by spending 20 Gems or one time for free each Ascension/Rebirth. Each Training Perk can be upgraded to a maximum level of 99.

What is the secret of strafe in idle skilling? ›

Strafe. The Strafe skill on the special skill bar is locked and requires a key NOTE: Strafe reduce the cooldowns of other skills by 1 second every second this buff is in effect. Strafe has 10 seconds duration and no cooldown. The key can be found by talking to Mini Lava on the portal screen.

How to access purgatory idle skilling? ›

Purgatory is a an advanced Fighting zone accessed through the Portal. In addition to increased idle speed and accuracy penalties, this zone features 21 unique enemies over 100 encounters.

How do you get spirals in idle skilling? ›

Its currency are Spirals, which are obtained after every Realm reset, in which you lose all your Coins and Minions, but keep all the building upgrades (don't worry, every reset will be quicker than the one before).

How to unlock realm idle skilling? ›

Clearing the Dungeon unlocks Purgatory, an advanced Fighting area with doubled idle speed and accuracy penalties. Clearing the Dungeon also unlocks Realm.

How to get more kills in idle skilling? ›

Kill Count Increase

The Death's Son secret grants +30% more kills when defeating monsters, which is further multiplied by crafted Enigmatic Boosters, a level 40 Smithing item. The level 120 Smithing Ensouled Head grants Kills per Kill (caps at +10).

Where is the fisherman's delicacy chest? ›

Obtained from a Remarkable Chest in a tree hollow in Apam Woods. It can only be opened when it is not raining.

How do you get fisherman to spawn? ›

The Fisherman is an NPC vendor that will spawn once the following criteria have been met:
  1. There is an empty house.
  2. The Angler has been rescued.
  3. There are at least 5 Town NPCs present.
Mar 3, 2024

Where is the fisherman skyblock? ›

The Fisherman is an NPC who lives in the Fisherman's Hut south of the Colosseum.

How to unlock realm in idle skilling? ›

Clearing the Dungeon unlocks Purgatory, an advanced Fighting area with doubled idle speed and accuracy penalties. Clearing the Dungeon also unlocks Realm.

How to unlock village idle slayer? ›

The Village is a Dimension that can be unlocked by purchasing the Astral Locked Astral Upgrade “Village Key” for 2.00e6 / 2 M SP which gives you access to the Craftable Temporary Item of the same name after you have Ultra Ascended.

How to unlock funky space in idle slayer? ›

↑ Factory is available to unlock in the Ascension Tree for 140,000 SP. ↑ The Hot Desert is available to unlock in the Ascension Tree only after an Ultra Ascension. ↑ Funky space is available to unlock in the Ascension tree only after completing the Boss Fight and purchasing Collateral.

How to get divinities in idle slayer? ›

Divinities are unlocked by purchasing the Divinities Ascension upgrade. You can reset your Minions back to level 1 to earn Divinity Points (DP) to buy Divinities. The amount of DP rewarded for resetting minions is 1 per level above 1.


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